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  • The right side of the Avondale library entryway
    This is a poster created by Tim Jefferies for the 100th Anniversary of the Avondale Branch Library in 2013. It presents authors' names engraved on the right side of the Avondale library entryway.
  • Quality Health Care Center Purse
    The is a group picture of Quality Health Care Center Purse. The item was submitted by Lafawnda Sanderson who worked there on May 26, 1988.
  • Burton Girls Club
    Its a club for the girls in burton
  • Photos of Make a Single Quilt Program
    Quilting Program at the Avondale branch library on February 10, 2005.
  • Librarians at the Avondale branch library
    This is a picture of library workers at the Avondale branch library.
  • The Alameda Apartment
    This is a picture of the Alameda Apartment.
  • The Crescent
    The poster of the Crescent apartment presents: "The Crescent The finest apartment building in Cincinnati Reading Road and South Crescent Avenue. Avondale, Cincinnati."
  • Riots of 1967 & 1968
    This is an article about the riots in 1967 and 1968.
  • Haddon Hall
    Haddon Hall back in the day.
  • Avondale Youth Council
    The article clip presents a picture of Avondale Youth Council on Christmas eve and Paster Ennis Tait of the Church of Living God participating in a February Player caravan in 2011.
  • Points of Pride: Muhammed Ali
    Muhammed Ali came to Avondale and got his hair cute at Stag's Barbershop on Burnet Avenue in 1979.
  • Cincinnati Children's Newsletter
    This Document is a newsletter for the Avondale Community sent by Cincinnati Children's I found in the library
  • The National Guard patrolling during the 1967 riot
    The National Guard Patrolled Avondale's streets during the 1967 rioting.
  • Reporter's notebook: Our history
    This clipped article is about the riots that happened when Martin Luther king got killed in 1968.
  • Avondale library Entry auortsh list
    this is a list of all the aourths named in they entry way in the Avondale library with biographical information and a photo of the left entry punition
  • Poster of Authors' Names Engraved on left side of Avondale Branch Library door
    This Poster was produced for the 100th Anniversary of the Avondale Branch Library in 2013 by Tim Jefferies. This belongs to the Avondale Branch Library
  • Avondale Branch Library Anniversary Program
    This is the program from an 100th Anniversary held at the Avondale branch Library on Saturday March 9 2013. It gives a history of the library and schedule of anniversary events.
  • Avondale Library Anniversary Card
    This card commemorates 100th Anniversary of the Avondale Branch Library and Announces Kickoff of a Construction Project to make the library Handicap Accessible.
  • Diaper Bag Giveaway Flyer
    This is a flyer a diaper bag giveaways in July 20th 2021 for Moms aged 13-19.
  • NANA Flyer
    This flyer documents the North Avondale Neighborhood Association's Clean up event for Reading Road in July of 2021
  • Avondale Heroes mural
    Avondale Heroes mural is located on the 3371 Reading Road. The mural was created by a collaborative project among Cincinnati residents, the City of Cincinnati, the Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio and Artworks.
  • Lincoln Statue
    This is an image of Abraham Lincoln Statue located at the intersection of Reading Road and Forest Avenue.
  • Scanning Bee Summer 2021 Flyer
    On July 24 and 27, 2021, the Avondale Youth History Corps, eight local students in grades 8 - 10, scanned items brought by neighbors and digitized them. Scanning Bees event was hosted by Avondale Neighborhood History Initiative. This flyer was distributed among Avondale neighborhood to invite people.