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Summer 2023

Online Asynch Courses

HIST 1001: United States History I Summer Sessions

Online Asynchronous 05/30/2023 – 07/02/2023: Shepherd Aaron Ellis 07/03/2023 – 08/05/2023: Diamond Crowder This course explores the settlement and expansion of the American colonies as a pluralistic society…

HIST 1002: United States History II Summer Sessions

Online Asynchronous 05/08/2023 – 06/21/2023: Austin Hall 06/22/2023 – 08/05/2023 : Alysha Federkeil This course is the second part of a two-semester sequence that surveys U.S. history from…

HIST 1004: World History II Summer Sessions

Online Asynchronous 07/03/2023 – 08/05/2023: Daniel Farrell This course is an introductory survey of world history from approximately 1450 to the present. In this roughly five hundred-year period, the…