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HIST 1002: United States History II

Online Asynchronous Instructor TBA This course is the second part of a two-semester sequence that surveys U.S. history from the end of Reconstruction through the late 20th century….

HIST 1003: World History I

Spring 2023; Ansynchronous Online This course investigates the origins, development, and interactions of world cultures from ancient times to roughly 1500 AD. Key topics considered in the course…

HIST 1004: World History II

Online Asynchronous Instructor TBA This course is an introductory survey of world history from approximately 1450 to the present. In this roughly five hundred-year period, the world has been…

HIST1008: Middle Eastern History II

Spring 2023; T/TH 12:30-1:50 PM Online – Synchronous Dr. Elizabeth Frierson In this course, we study the Middle East (Southwest Asia) and North Africa from the early modern…

HIST 1099-01: Environmental Activism

Spring 2023; Online Synchronous Mondays, 1:25-2:20 pm; Asynchronous W & F Casey Huegel This freshman seminar will examine the environmental movement in the United States. After World War…

HIST 3003: Witchcraft and Religion in Early America

Mondays & Wednesdays 11:15 am -12:10 pm Online Synchronous + Fridays Online Asynchronous Dr. Erika Gasser This course focuses on the Salem/Essex County, Massachusetts witchcraft trials in 1692….