Internships provide students with hands-on history experience in public history organizations across a variety of fields, including archives, cemeteries, historic preservation societies, museums, and national or state parks. Student interns gain valuable professional work experience and skills.

Build your resume while having fun with history!

The Details

The logistics are pretty straightforward.

  • You may either A) work with the Director of Public History (DPH) to set up a local internship, or B) pursue internship opportunities independently.
  • Undergraduate students must complete 150 internship hours (approximately 10hrs per week during the school year). Graduate students complete 200 hours.
  • Meet with the DPH throughout the internship to report your progress.
  • At the end of your internship, your site supervisor will complete your final evaluation.
  • Grades are earned on a P/F basis.

Application Timelines

There is a “season” to internships. The majority of internships take place over the summer, though there are a good number available during the school year. Applications for summer internships at places like the Smithsonian or other national organizations start opening in January. Even setting up a local internship usually takes about a month. We have a few local organizations that can onboard students quickly, but please get in touch with the DPH early.


Director of Public History
Dr. Rebecca S. Wingo