Avondale Neighborhood History Initiative

The Avondale Neighborhood History Initiative (ANHI) began in the summer of 2021 when UC joined together with our partners, the Avondale Branch Library and the Avondale Development Corporation to build a multifaceted community-engaged local history initiative. The Avondale Neighborhood History Initiative was supported by a 2021 Community Change Collaborative grant from the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Research.

Avondale Neighborhood Archive

Avondale Neighborhood Archive is a crowd-sourced archive of documents, objects, and stories about Cincinnati’s Avondale neighborhood in the part of the Avondale Neighborhood History Initiative. As a product of partnership between the Avondale branch of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Avondale Development Corporation, and the University of Cincinnati’s Center for the City, this archive functions as a repository of private collections of people in the Avondale neighborhood as well as a window to present history and lives in the Avondale community.

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