The Zane Miller Symposium: Conversations in the City

Launched in 2016, the Zane Miller Symposium: Conversations in the City is an annual event that honors Professor Miller’s contributions to the field of urban history, as well as his more than three decades of contributions to the civic life of Cincinnati as activist, mentor and publicly engaged scholar. Professor Miller firmly believed that “civic activity makes democracy tick,” and “scholarship, history, and public history all help improve society.” Symposium events are designed to engage a broad audience, and connect critical academic thought to contemporary urban issues, especially as they pertain to the greater Cincinnati region. 

This event is a part of the UC History in the City Initiative, which publicizes and energizes the long-standing outreach by History Department faculty members and graduate students across all three UC campuses to bring urban history to the general public, as well as their efforts to bring history to life for twenty-first century city residents.

The 2023-2024 Zane Miller Symposium will feature historian Steven Conn, W.E. Smith Professor of History, Miami University of Ohio, speaking on the history of anti-urbanism followed by a panel discussion. For more information about this year’s event visit our event page