This class is cross-listed with WGS 2077 & URBN 2077.

This course will introduce students to the rich and varied history of LGBTQ people and movements in American cities.

Beginning in colonial America, the course will move on to explore nineteenth- and twentieth-century urban life with an emphasis on art and literature. The course will also explore the origins of the modern gay rights movement, the Stonewall uprising, and the AIDS crisis.

Course material will emphasize LGBTQ activism and individuals who have worked to end systems of oppression and exclusion across time. Course discussion will focus explicitly on understanding the nature of equality and the development and perpetuation of inequality through interlocking systems of oppression, privilege, and power.

Providing students with a solid background in American LGBTQ history,  the course will turn its focus to the local community and engage in a long exploration of Cincinnati’s LGBTQ history with a public-facing final product rooted in the best practices of public history.

History students must enroll under the Hist 2077 number to earn credit toward the History Major or Minor.