Dr. Robert Haug

This exploration of World History is based on the popular podcast and book, The History of the World in 100 Objects,  a project that told the history of the world through 100 objects found in the British Museum.

Throughout the semester we will not only explore the history of the world through objects, but also examine the ways we remember, record, and present history through multiple forms of media including books,  journal articles, documentaries, podcasts, and museum exhibitions. Not only are we studying History as a record of events that occurred in the past,  but also History as the ongoing project of analyzing, interpreting, and then presenting that record to the public.

This course will include a Spring Break trip to London where we will visit the 100 objects studied over the course of the semester at the British Museum while also studying the museum itself as an object and historical artifact.

Over the course of the semester,  students will also be asked to create a virtual museum that will illustrate their connections to World History and our shared global past.