Mondays, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

Dr. Rebecca Wingo

Spring 2024 Description: This is a mixed grad/undergrad course and will be a heavier workload for the undergrads than they might be used to. However, we are doing really cool work with the Wyandotte Nation (Oklahoma) to commemorate their removal trail throughout the State of Ohio. Over the semester, students will learn about Wyandot history and then start collectively drafting the proposal and sign text for a historical marker series through the Ohio History Connection. This may also include drafting a grant proposal to fund said markers (about $5000 per sign).


This course offers a practical orientation to and exploration of various fields encompassed under the rubric “public history ” approached through specific team projects in conjunction with local organizations.

Students will develop a museum exhibit,  short publication,  or other historical product examining an aspect of Cincinnati history with a view to the end product being available to the general public or be turned over to a museum or other organization to expand into a professionally finished product.

This is a split-level Undergraduate/Graduate course cross-listed with HIST 6010.