This course focuses on the movements of people of African descent in search of freedom from racist systems of oppression around the world – specifically, colonialism, segregation, and apartheid.

The course centers around the 1950s and 1960s, which was a watershed moment in history – a moment that witnessed black and brown liberation movements all around the world.

Some topics we will explore include the African-American Civil Rights Movement, the South African anti-apartheid movement, and the anti-colonial movements of Africa,  Latin America, and the Caribbean. We will be studying the activist and intellectual careers of several key revolutionaries,  including Jomo Kenyatta, Nelson Mandela,  Patrice Lumumba,  Steve Biko,  Kwame Nkrumah, Che Guevara,  Gloria Richardson,  Angela Davis, and Robert F. Williams as well as examine key intellectuals like Franz Fanon and Aimé Césaire. We will examine organizations including the KAU, ANC,  and the Black Liberation Army and their contributions to the struggle.

This course is cross-listed with AFST 3036.