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Dr. Jason Krupar

Historically Irregular Warfare has also been referred to as Revolutionary War, Unconventional War,   Asymmetric Warfare, Insurgency,  or Terrorism depending on the goals of the groups involved and the point of view of the historian.

Irregular Warfare is armed conflict between a state and an opposing force that is characterized by an asymmetry of capabilities and tactics.

This course will examine the evolution of Irregular Warfare through history, emphasizing the last two centuries and examining technology’s impact on the conduct of irregular warfare from different social, cultural, and ethical perspectives.

The class will analyze selected case studies in irregular warfare including The Boer Wars, conflicts in the Philippines, the German East Africa Campaign of WWI,  Mao’s revolution in China, the British counter-insurgency in Malaysia,  the FARC in Colombia, Shining Path in Peru, and the Russian and U.S. conflicts in Afghanistan.

This course is cross-listed with MS 2082.